Board Members

Booster Board:

President –Pam Carruth – [email protected]

Vice-President – Deanna McElwee – [email protected]

Secretary –Niki Graham – [email protected]

Treasurer –Chanel Lake – [email protected]

Voting Board Member – Ryan Gage

Voting Board Member – Shandice Kerr

Voting Board Member – Open until filled.

Public Relations – Jason Burrough – [email protected] or (406)304-7013  Send pictures of events to Jason to be posted on our social media sites.

Webmaster – Bob Gunderson – [email protected]

Fundraising Committee:  This committee is charged with planning and implementing an annual event such as the fundraiser dinner banquet. If you are interested in joining this committee please contact Niki Graham ([email protected]) or Shandice Kerr ([email protected]).

Membership Drive Committee: This committee organizes the business sponsorship package and membership drive. Contact Pam Carruth if interested.

Merchandise Committee: This committee would like to compile a list of Booster members willing to help out at various events to sell Booster merchandise and flood our community with spirit through our colors and logo. If you are interested in this committee please contact Merchandise Chairperson Tyana Smith at [email protected].


Polson Booster Club By-Laws

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