1964 State “B” Champions


Pirates Capture Class B Team Honors at Interscholastic Track and Field State Meet

by Gary Fishel

After a third place finish last year, the Polson Pirates climbed into the first place position of the Class “B” Division of the 58th Annual Interscholastic held in Missoula last Friday and Saturday. Polson scored 41 points to take first place in this annual trackmeet. Harlowtown finished second with 32 1/2 points. The Pirates 880 yard relay team tied the state class “B” record set by Hamilton in 1958 by turning in a time of 1:32.7.

The three top scoring Pirates could have outscored the second place team. Ron Gipe, Rick Strauss and Tim Stark scored 37 points between them.

Ron Gipe, senior, who was last year’s high point man in Class “B” did it again this year scoring 14 1/2 points by takin a first in the 120 high hurdles, a second in the 180 low hurdles, and ran the first leg of the 880 relay team.

Rick Strauss, junior, tallied 11 1/2 points by scoring seconds in the 100 and 220, a fourth in the 440, and ran the last leg of the 880 relay.

Tim Stark, junior, scored 11 points with a first in the 440, a second, by an inch, in the 880 and a fifth in the 120 high hurdles.

Rick Lund, senior, and Keith Smith, senior, scored the Pirates other 4 points with Lund taking a fifth in the 220 and running on the relay and with Smith running on the 880 yard relay team.

The other members of the State Class “B” champions are Tom Sanford, sophomore; Randy Horner, Jim Funke, Duncan Hubbard, and Roy Lundeen, all juniors; and Gary Fishel, senior.

This ends the track season for the year with the Pirates competing in six trackmeets and losing only one.

Roy Lundeen

Tom Sanford

Dick Zimmer…Going…Going…Going…Gone!!!

Lynn Maas

Catch me somebody!!

Relay Team: Rick Strauss, Tim Stark, Ron Gipe, Rick Lund, and Keith Smith

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